Reasons to update your maps

  • Efficient routing avoids you getting lost, reducing costs and unwanted stress.

  • An updated map includes the latest roads, points of interest, and other data  allowing you to find what you need when you need It.

  • Avoid distracted driving, and enjoy your trip!

AvMap releases new maps twice a year.

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How to update your maps

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Expand your horizons: buy a new memory card for your Geosat
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Geosat Suite

Update your map: download the latest relase
Save time and money using the Geosat Suite.
(For Geosat 6 series and Geosat 4x4 crossover series).

Geosat Suite

AvMap Street Maps composition

AvMap utilizes data from different map providers, as well as from Military Institutes to offer precise and high quality maps.


Any terrestrial navigator

Geosat 4x4 and Geosat 4x4 Crossover

Street Maps

Terrestrial Background & land elevation

Topographic maps

Variuos data providers

© Istituto Geografico Militare


© Centro Geográfico
del Ejército

© Instituto Geográfico
do Exército

New Map Guarantee

Get the latest maps for free! 

When you buy a new AvMap navigator, you are guarantee for free the latest released map.
If a newer map is released by AvMap within 30 days from your first  use, the New map Guarantee allows you to download it for free using the Suite PC application.
The New map Guarantee is also applied at every map purchase.

Get your free update through the Geosat Suite

You have 30 days from the first usage of your new AvMap navigator  to download  the Suite  and check if a new map is available for you for free! You can download only one free map for your navigator.

  1. If you have not registered yet, register here

  2. Download the Geosat Suite here and install it on your PC / MAC

  3. In order to find out if there is a free update for you, connect your navigator to the PC and open the Suite.

Attention: to have access to the latest available maps, you need to check the availability within 30 days from the first use of the navigator   (from the first acquisition of satellites at a certain speed).  You can download only one free map update.




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